Julia Miller, LMFT

**Due do the recent Pandemic, I will be offering teletherapy through a secured, HIPAA-approved virtual therapy space. When the quarantine is lifted, I will be resuming face-to-face therapy, and will have one day set aside each week for those that need virtual support.

Welcome to Heartwood Family Therapy.

Using empathy, humor and shared insight, I will help you reach your therapeutic goals.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a happy, healthier family. The first thing we want you to know is that we are here to support you. You walk the path you choose, but hopefully with our help, we can clear some of the obstacles that may lie ahead of you. Our clients begin therapy by setting goals, we help you actualize those goals. You may hope for a stronger and happier family connection, you may need reassurance about your parenting skills or you may need help with a challenging child, but together, we can help make those visions of a positive future a reality. We am here to help.

I specialize in families and adolescents, and have for over a decade because this is my passion. Helping create stability and peace within a family, bringing a teen through their toughest years or helping a child with challenging behaviors is what I do (and it’s what I’m good at). Creating lasting change is both my hardest challenge and my greatest happiness.