Julia Miller, MS-WTF
Julia Miller, LMFT

 Are you are having difficulty parenting a special but challenging child?

Have you have noticed a change in your child’s behavior?

Does your teen hurt (or have thoughts of hurting) themselves?

Have they been a victim of bullying?

Or has there been a shift in the family dynamics?

Or do you just want to someone to talk to without judgment?

Using humor, empathy and strength based practices, I work with teens, children, adults, parents and families who are going through a challenge. I am more than a “nod and smile” therapist, I want to work with you. Sometimes there are activities, exercises designed to help you think about things differently or to help you focus. Sometimes, we can go for a walk, as walking can help people think about things more clearly. And sometimes, we will just sit and talk. With young children, I also incorporate play therapy utilizing puppets, dolls, cars or coloring. This helps children communicate their complex feelings using a language they understand. I am accessible via email and text with virtual office visits for those who need lunch break therapy, in person availability around school and I also have availability during the day for those that are able.

I originally started with troubled youth and moved to working with teens and families in crisis through a local hospital. However, a lot of the families came in after the crisis occurred. I decided I wanted to help families before it got to the point of hospitalization, and decided to work with the families in my local community. I have done free workshops for families at local schools, helping educate about bullying behavior, how to recognize the red flags for teens in crisis and how to improve communication within families.

I’m a listener, adviser, giver of constructive feedback, energizer and silver lining finder. I help families communicate and parents rediscover their identities outside of their children. I provide alternative perspectives for challenging thought patterns that are not currently working. I help clients learn, grow, explore and discover themselves using Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Solution-Focused, Psychodynamic Therapy, Client-Centered, and Systemic approaches. I continue to increase the effectiveness of my clinical experience by continuing to attend additional trainings and conferences.