Focusing on the Goal


Recently, there was an article on reaching your goals. It was an interesting idea. The summary is this: When you are running, jogging or bicycling and you focus on a building far away, it actually appears as if it is much closer. Your body naturally sets a rhythm that will help you reach your goal faster and more efficiently. That is fascinating to me! It is a way that psychology works to increase the body’s potential and abilities.

I wonder if we can apply this to our lives: When we focus on long distance goals, we are better able to achieve them. For example, someone who is unemployed should focus on the long distance goal of career employment (not just a “job” paying the bills). When they do this, it becomes easier to find and complete the steps necessary to reach their goals. the big caveat to this, and it is a BIG one, is that once that goal is fixed in your mind, don’t let it overwhelm you. Start planning the series of steps necessary to reach your goal. Make those steps flexible, because things come up. Things *always* come up. Make the list, post it on your fridge, on your phone or on your desk, but post it somewhere, then work on the first step. Don’t look at the rest of the steps, just focus on that one. Also, to make sure that you utilizing psychology to help forward your goals, post a picture representation of your goal and remember, you can do it!